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Craddick Announces Select Committee on Electric Generation Capacity and Environmental Effects

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Alexis DeLee (512) 463 0223

(AUSTIN) - Speaker Tom Craddick (R - Midland) today announced the creation of the Select Committee on Electric Generation Capacity and Environmental Effects. Created by proclamation, the Committee will consist of nine House members, all appointed by the speaker.

"As Texas continues to experience enormous population growth, our demand for energy will inevitably increase," Speaker Craddick said. "By creating this committee and appointing members with significant experience in, or knowledge of, the energy market and the environment, we are taking steps toward ensuring that our energy infrastructure keeps pace with the population, while remaining considerate stewards of the environment."

The committee will have jurisdiction over all matters related to the generation of electric power in Texas, including technologies and methods for generating electric power, and the environmental effects of electric power generation methods. More specifically, the committee will study the state's demand for electric generation capacity over the next 50 years and determine if the necessary infrastructure and technology to meet this demand is available. The environmental effects of the existing electric generating facilities will also be examined, as well as the effects on global warming and climate change.

The committee will be charged with preparing a long-term energy and environmental impact plan to be submitted to the 81st Legislature, which will include an assessment of the different types of energy generation available to the state. The committee will consult with the following state agencies: the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Public Utility Commission of Texas, the Railroad Commission of Texas, and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.

Rep. Dennis Bonnen (R - Angleton) will serve as chair of the committee. The House members appointed to this committee are Rep. Charles Anderson (R - Waco), Rep. Kevin Bailey (D - Houston), Rep. Norma Chavez (D - El Paso), Rep. Rick Hardcastle (R - Vernon), Rep. Phil King (R - Weatherford), Rep. Burt Solomons (R - Carrollton), Rep. Joe Straus (R - San Antonio) and Rep. Sylvester Turner (D - Houston).

Read the proclamation creating the Select Committee on Electric Generation Capacity.

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